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Flight Path Walk of Fame

The Flight Path “Walk of Fame” was established in 1995 and is a tribute, via a series of plaques, to the pioneers and individuals whose “work” helped ensure Southern California’s world leadership in aviation/aerospace.  Each honoree is credited with a “body of work” or significant contribution to the advancement of aviation or aerospace and showcased with their own individual plaque on the Walk Of Fame.  There were nine initial honorees of which four are displayed in the Flight Path Aviation Rotunda.  The five others have a special place just south of the rotunda on a grassy area along Sepulveda Blvd in Westchester.  As of March 2018, there are now a total of 54 honorees on the “Walk of Fame”.

Our Walk Of Fame is located on Sepulveda Blvd. in Westchester area of Los Angeles, California.
Follow the map to visit all our plaques, beginning and ending on Manchester Ave.

1. Jet Propulsion Laboratory, JPL
Years of rocket science, space exploration and pioneering new frontiers led JPL to international leadership in space exploration.
2. Sally Ride
First U.S. woman in space; leader in space exploration and education.
3. Pete Conrad, Apollo 12 Crew
World’s 2nd lunar landing; module pilot Alan Bean. Conrad and Bean were 3rd & 4th humans to walk on the Moon.
4. Gen. Kevin Chilton, USAF
NASA astronaut. Commander of U.S. Strategic Command 2000-2011 Pilot spacecraft “Endeavour”
5. Alan Lockheed
Founder of two Lockheed Aircraft companies; built military aircraft in WWI.
6. Glenn L. Martin
Father of Southern California aircraft industry; flew his design in 1909; Los Angeles first airplane factory.
7. Howard R. Hughes
Entrepreneur, pilot, aircraft designer, filmmaker.
8. J.H. “Dutch” Kindelberger
Pioneer aircraft designer, entrepreneur, production genius.
9. John K. Northrop
Pioneer aircraft designer; founder Northrop Corp.; designed Flying Wings.
10. Donald W. Douglas
Pioneer aircraft designer; founder Douglas Aircraft Co.
11. Charles E. Yeager, B. Gen USAF
Combat test pilot; broke sound barrier Oct. 14, 1947.
12. Amelia Earhart
Pioneering, record-setting woman pilot; founder of 99’s.
13. Charles A. Lindbergh
First nonstop solo flight, Atlantic Ocean, May 1927
14. Wright Brothers
World’s first powered flight, December 17, 1903.
15. Los Angeles Municipal Airport, Mines Field
(now LAX) Opened October 1, 1928
16. Honorary Service Award Wall
Howard B. Drollinger, David Tallichet, John Garstka, Bob Hope USO at LAX, Vince Migliazzo, Rowena Ake, Valeria Velasco, Karen Dial.
17. Bessie Coleman
First licensed black pilot – male or female; pursued quest for equality in the air; died in 1926 air crash, age 33.
18. Katherine Cheung
1st Chinese-American woman to become licensed pilot; lectured on flying safety; called “China’s Amelia Earhart.”
19. Jerome “Jerry” Lederer
“Mr Flight Safety”: founded Flight Safety Foundation; international expert; counseled Lindbergh on 1927 flight.
20. Seymour Kahn
Mercury Air Group, CEO — Provider of worldwide airline, military, corporate and private aircraft services. Flight Path Musuem co-founder.
21. Joseph J. “Tym” Tymczyszyn
World War II pilot in the Pacific–FAA test pilot
22. Gen James Doolittle
Pioneer aviator, test pilot, racer, engineer, led WWII B-25 bombing of Tokyo.
23. Jacqueline Cochran
Founder, WASPs; ferry pilot, WWII record-setter; first woman to pilot a jet.
24. Barbara London Erickson
World War II Women Air Force Pilot (WASP). Received Air Medal.
25. Iris Cummings Critchell
Women Air Force Pilot (WASP) in World War II. Aviation educator.
26. Lillian Kinkela Keil
Most decorated woman in U.S. military history; served in WWII, Korea; US Air Force RN; United Airlines stewardess.
27. Gen. Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., Tuskegee Airmen
Famed WWII black combat unit flying P-51″Red Tailed Devils”; commanded TA; awarded fourth star by President Clinton.
28. Margaret “Peggy” Hereford
First woman public relations director, LAX 1951-1977
29. Clifton A. Moore
“Mr. Airport”; headed LA Dept. of Airports 25 years; “architect” of today’s LAX; recognized international airport expert.
30. Juan T. Trippe
Founder Pan American World Airways, called America’s chosen instrument” in world aviation; China Clippers service began in 1935.
31. Sir Richard Branson
Visionary Leader in Aviation and Aerospace. Virgin Group Founder; Philanthropist; Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Orbit, The Spaceship Company.
32. W.A. “Pat” Patterson
Chairman, president United Airlines; made 1930 decision to hire women to serve as flight attendants.
33. Harris M. “Pop” Hanshue
Helped found first Los Angeles -based airline, Western Air Express; pilot; became Western Airlines, purchased by Delta Air Lines.
34. Robert Six
CEO Continental Airlines 1936 – 1981
35. Colin E. Woolman
Founded Delta Air Lines, small Southern carrier; took Delta from a local airline into an expansive intercontinental (ultimately international) carrier.
36. John W. “Jack” Frye
President, TWA; famed letter to build “ten or more trimotor transport airplanes”; led to DC-1, DC-2, DC-3.
37. Robert Prescott
Formed Flying Tiger Line–became world’s largest cargo carrier.
38. C.R. Smith
Pioneering chairman American Airlines; head of WWII US military aircraft transport operations
39. Clarence L. “Kelly” Johnson
U.S. aircraft designer; began Lockhead Skunk Works; designs include P-38, Constellation, P(F)-80, SR-71
40. Burt Rutan
Designed Voyager and Sub-orbital SpaceShipOne
41. Edward Heinemann
Aircraft designer; Douglas/General Dynamics; called “Mr. Attack Aviation”
42. Frank Robinson
Designer, Founder-Robinson Helicopter Company
43. J. Leland Atwood
Dean of Aerospace; led P-51, Apollo design teams; Chairman, North American/Rockwell
44. Bob Hope
USO’s best known entertainer, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War; logged record international air miles – all from LAX.
45. Robert Hoover
Test, international demonstration pilot; backup pilot, 1947 sound barrier flight.
46. Anthony Tom Levier
Barnstormer, test pilot; flew more first flights than any other pilot.
47. John Myers
Northrop Aircraft chief test pilot (1940’s); 1st flights, Northrop Flying Wing demos; continues as a pilot (2003).
48. Thomas V. Jones
Chairman/CEO/president Northrop; pioneered low cost/high performance tactical aircraft.
49. Jack G. Real
Engineer, executive/leader Lockheed, Hughes, McDonnell Douglas, Howard Hughes confidant.
50. Evelyn “Bobbi” Trout
Pioneering woman pilot; altitude records over Mines Field (LAX); flew in 1929 Power Puff Derby.
51. Rosie The Riveter
Symbol, women’s contribution to WWII; credited for initial feminist movement.
52. Capt. Clay Lacy
Record setting United Airlines pilot, aviation entrepreneur.
53. Marsha Toy
Founder Academy Pacific Travel College (1948); TWA air hostess (1930s); nationally recognized aviation educator.
54. Simon Ramo
Engineer, entrepreneur, Hughes Aircraft; founder Ramo Wooldridge, later Thompson Ramo Wooldridge; the “R” in TRW.
55. Clifford Garrett
Founder Garrett Aviation; pioneer of APUs, pressurized cabins; small jet engines, avionics for space vehicles.