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LGBTQI+ Pride Spotlight: Scott Fisher

Name: Scott Fisher
Involvement at Flight Path Museum: Volunteer Current
Company / Title: Uniworld / The Travel Corporation / Director of Business Technology


In addition to being a member of the LGBTQI+ community as a Gay man, I’m also a dedicated airline & travel enthusiast. I love airline collectibles, especially 1:400 scale models, 70’s/80’s timetables and airliner emergency cards. Since a kid I’ve been lucky to fly on 107 different airlines, visiting over 73 countries. I’m also a geography and architecture nut who loves to story tell! The essence of all the above is captured in the photograph below, with me (left) “showing” an equally young JFK, Jr. (John- John Kennedy), how a helicopter flies (snapped by a Fotoplay magazine photographer at a toy shop at Washington Dulles Airport – IAD)… at least that’s the story I’m telling.

1) What’s your favorite display and/or Museum trivia?

“Tough one as there are so many displays and tons of great trivia at the museum… My current favorite trivia: “one of the museum’s over 600+ uniforms comes from the husband of a volunteer (herself a former UA flight attendant), who was the #1 United 747 Captain before he retired, which in itself is cool. But even more interesting and surprising is what she says he kept underneath his Captain’s hat when flying! (Of course you’ll have to come to the museum too find out). My favorite current museum display?: the Encounter Restaurant exhibit. The Encounter used to occupy the main aloft floor in the iconic LAX Theme Building standing in the center of Los Angeles International airport. Few know the restaurant’s last renovation was completed by none other, than the Walt Disney Imagineering team!!! Wow!

2) What does LGBTQI+ pride mean to you?

Mutual Respect, Social Equality and Equal Rights. But also a Sensibility that what’s been painstakingly earned since Stonewall, can also be easily taken away.

3) What is your Aviation/Airline/Aerospace professional background / experience?

From my earliest years I was enamored by exotic names on world maps and by association, with the airlines that transported you there. I took flying lessons at age16 and soloed in a Piper P-38 Tomahawk just about the same time I received my driver’s license! Graduating from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) with a BS degree in Aviation Management, I also completed a Cooperative Education program with PeopleExpress Airlines. This was followed by 4 years with Summit Airlines as a Cargo Customer Service Agent and a Dangerous Goods Specialist. With a hankering to travel more, I switched careers to a wholesale travel company and began contracting tour and airline products for FIT and group travel. Airline partners included Korean Air, TWA and Presidential Airways. From there I worked my way up the tour industry ladder branching into key account management, marketing, pricing and booking technology with companies like American Tours International at LAX. An opportunity availed itself in Australia where I worked for 8 years with a company managing all aspects of supplier relations, product acquisition, marketing and booking technology with travel partners like Virgin Australia Airlines, Air New Zealand and Expedia Cruises. In recent years I moved back to Los Angeles as Director of Business Technology for the premiere luxury European river cruise line – Uniworld (part of one of the largest global travel organizations – The Travel Corporation or TTC).

4) How has being a member of the LGBTQI+ community positively affected your life, career or perspective?

The LGBTQI+ community has been very generous to me. Having this community’s support and access to its network of organizations has been key in allowing me to flourish, prosper and have a clear sense of belonging when the outside world sometimes seems hostile. The community has also provided me fantastic mentors, career opportunities galore and has fostered my desire to give back to it with forums like this.A special shout out to my parents, family and work friends who have been great LGBTQI+ allies along the way!

5) Any favorite quotes?
That’s an easy one!: The Golden Rule

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
From Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31

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