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Saturday, May 26 Is the Deadline for Flight Path Museum Aviation Scholarships Totaling $12,000

Flight Path Museum & Learning Center annually offers three scholarships totaling $12,000 for Southern California students wishing to pursue further education in the fields of aviation and aerospace. The May 26, 2018 application deadline is fast approaching; interested applicants will need to:

  • Fill our Scholarshop Entry Form with a 500-word essay, as described on the entry form;
  • Submit a certified copy of high school/college transcript of grades; and
  • Provide letters of recommendation from two faculty members from their high school, college, university, or technical school.
  • Complete scholarship requirements and submission forms can be found on our website, under the SCHOLARSHIPS tab at the top of the page.

The Clay Lacy Scholarship Program

The $5,000 Clay Lacy Scholarship is funded by aviation legend Clay Lacy, the founder of the first executive jet charter company, encourages students to pursue careers in aviation. Clay Lacy one of the nations’ most highly accomplished and respected aviators is the unchallenged holder of the highest number of flight hours of any active pilot. His professional piloting abilities include: United Airlines Captain, military aviator, experimental test pilot, air race champion, aviation record setter, aerial cinematographer, entrepreneur, founder and president of Clay Lacy Aviation.

  The Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr. Scholarship Program

The $2,000 Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr., Scholarship is sponsored by the Flight Path Museum and Learning Center to encourage students to enter the field of aviation, aerospace or aeronautics. The scholarship is named in honor of Pete Conrad, NASA astronaut, commander of Apollo 12, and the third man to walk on the moon..

  The Morrey Plotkin Scholarship Program

The $5,000 Morrey Plotkin Scholarship is sponsored by the Plotkin family to encourage youth to pursue education and careers in aviation and aerospace. The scholarship is named in honor of the late Morrey Plotkin, founding chairman of Flight Path Museum and Learning Center and a longtime supporter of volunteerism and community service in the area surrounding Los Angeles International Airport.

 For more information contact Barbara Keller, or R.E. Smith and Associates,