Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr., Scholarship

The Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr., Scholarship Program, is sponsored by the Flight Path Museum and Learning Center to encourage students to enter the field of aviation, aerospace or aeronautics. The scholarship is named in honor of Pete Conrad, NASA astronaut, commander of Apollo 12, and the third man to walk on the moon.

Deadline: Extended June 1, 2021

Scholarship Requirements:
A $2000 scholarship will be presented to the most qualified applicant. The award may be used for payment of tuition, books, fees and other educational expenses.

The award of $2000 will be sent directly to recipient’s choice of educational institution (i.e., community college, four year college, university, technical school, etc.). If the awardee withdraws from the academic program with a tuition refund, the Flight Path Museum and Learning Center will receive the refund.

Scholarship recipients from previous years are eligible to reapply.

All applicants must:
  • Be eligible to apply for full-time study in an accredited school (community college, four year college,
    university, technical school, etc.) leading to a degree or certificate in aviation, aerospace, aeronautics or physical science studies that relate to aviation and plan on attending school no later than the next academic school year. 
  • Be a United States citizen or a permanent legal resident.
  • Reside in Southern California.
  • Have demonstrated or expressed a genuine interest in a career in aviation, aerospace or aeronautics.  For example, membership in aviation explorer scouts, member of an aviation or aerospace club, attendance at an aviation or space camp, extra-curricular aviation, robotics or engineering activities, a student membership in a professional engineering society, etc.

    Note:  Examples of programs of study which apply to the diverse fields of aviation, aerospace or aeronautics are: aircraft architecture; mechanical, civil, aeronautical, aerospace, electrical and electronics; airport management; physical sciences, avionics; airframe and power plant certificate; and air traffic control certificate.  Other programs leading to careers with both military and civilian organizations requiring these educational backgrounds are also included.

Selection Criteria:

Selection will be based on:
  • The applicant’s Scholarship Entry Form and Essay.
  • Interest in the field of aviation, aerospace, aeronautics, or robotics and/or science as related to aviation.
  • Extra-curricular activities.
  • Recommendations of high school/college faculty.
  • Academic record.
  • Financial need will also be considered.

The top five (5) candidates may be called for an interview.
The successful candidate will be notified by letter and/or telephone.

Application Process:

All applicants must complete and email the following materials to the Flight Path Museum and Learning Center Scholarship Committee.

  • Scholarship Entry Form with a 500-word essay, as described on the entry form.
  • Copy of applicant’s high school/college transcript of grades.
  • Letters of recommendation from two faculty members of the applicant’s high school, college, university, or technical school.

Application and supporting documents must be emailed by Monday,  June 1, 2021.

Download an application form below, for best results use Adobe Acrobat to fill out the form:
Pete Conrad Scholarship Application (pdf format)

Email completed applications to the address below. DO NOT postal mail or FAX your applications. 

Subject Line: Charles Conrad Scholarship

For any questions please email: or contact us directly at the phone numbers below:

Phone:      (310) 331-1551 (R. E. Smith and Associates)
Phone:      (323) 588-2464 (Barbara Keller, Flight Path Museum & Learning Center)