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Create a Logo that respects and builds on the origins of the Flight Path Museum, showing how it has grown from inception and provides a path to the future

The existing logo

In use since the Museum inception in 1995, updated to in 2019 for color adjustments and Museum text. Based on a classic generic propeller aircraft within a military type roundel.

Provide a visual bridge from the past to the present to the future

Represent how the Flight Path has grown from the beginning and will continue its growth

This logo design is inspired directly from the original 1995 design. Incorporating the most distinctive features of the logo while adapting the graphic language for 2020 and beyond.

An evolution of the existing

To better represent the entirety of what Flight Path has become.
Piston: Past
Jet: Present
Space: Future

The piston aircraft is a DC-3, the same we have on display, reinforcing the link to our museum.

1: Maintain the trail lines behind the aircraft/spacecraft from the original roundel

2: Red is darker, better adapted for use as secondary color. Websafe color Hex: CC0000 and Pantone 3546 C / 2035 C / 2347 XGC

3: Blue is darker. Websafe color Hex 003366 and Pantone 541 XGC / 2955 C / 654 C / 541 C

4: Rotation of vehicles upwards, representing departure, flying forward and higher. Beginning of a voyage

5: Cluster of circles evoke Aircraft windows. Opportunity to expand this theme.

6: Spacecraft breaking through circle representative of breaking orbit and flying further

Futura Font Family

A font with a future with an aviation pedigree

  • Introduced in 1927 it is virtually the same age as LAX
  • Text in most Boeing cockpits are Futura
  • NASA used Futura in the Apollo program in charts, technical documents and spacecraft instruments
  • Commemorative plaque left on the moon is set in Futura
  • FAA uses Futura for Airport Diagrams
  • Typeface employs near perfect circles in geometry complimenting the tri-circle graphical element of the logo

New Iconography family

Opportunity and flexibility for derivative use in merchandising. Use in promotional or paid products. Ability to focus branding.

DC-3 Classic airliner

Modern twin jet

Space Vehicle